Analytical methods in differential equations

Analytical methods in differential equations (196012)

This course aims to provide the students with the “standard toolbox” used by anyone who works in continuous and with Applied Math such as Mathematical and theoretical Physics, Chemistry etc. These are the standard methods used by scientists in their daily work, to study differential equations, which do not require Functional Analysis. The aim is getting analytical solutions to differential equations, rather than approximations (asymptotic or numerical).

During the course we’ll use many useful theorems and prove almost all of them. At the beginning of the course, we’ll apply the methods learned on Ordinary Differential Equations. From the second half of the course, we’ll apply all methods on Partial Differential Equations.

Who is the course for?

The course is intended for graduate students in Applied and Pure Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Engineering. It can also be suitable for strong undergraduate students at their fourth semester and up.

People say..

“It was the first course at the Technion that actually made my eyes shine”

“This is the course that helped me choose the topic for my Masters” 

“My best friends from the Technion are those who took Analytical Methods with me”

“In this course you finally feel as a mathematician”

“Great experience!”

“This is THE course. Highly recommended”

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Dr. Lydia Peres Hari (lecturer):