Examples For Theses In The Program

M.Sc Theses

Student’s Name Graduation Year Adviser/s Title
Lotan Loder 2017 Alon Gany Cavitational Flows and Supercavitation Bubbles
Idan Versano 2016 Nir Gavish Localized states of non-local Cahn-Hilliard equations
Yoni  Mirzae 2017 Alexander M. Leshansky, Konstantin I. Morozov Stochastic shape optimization and numerical modeling of magnetic microrobots
Lee Susman 2016 Naama Brenner Multi-dimensional phenotype and long-term dynamics in individual bacteria
Levi-Itzhak Bellaiche 2015 Alfred Bruckstein Continuous time gathering of agents with limited visibility and bearing-only sensing
Tomer Bar-On 2015 Jacob Rubinstein Mathematical problems in bladder cancer
Alexander Naitsa 2015 Yehoshua Y. Zeevi, Emil Saucan Quasi-conformal mappings for volumetric deformations in geometric modeling
Shlomi Gover 2015 Gershon Wolansky The lady in the lake revisited
Hallel Schreier 2013 Naama Brenner Population model of epigenetic adaptation processes in asexual populations
Artiom Kovnatsky 2013 Ron Kimmel, Michael Bronstein Fusion of geometric and photometric information in non-rigid 3D shape retrieval
Dmitry Meisler 2011 Gershon Wolansky Point allocations and transport algorithms
Wafung Wong 2011 Rann Smorodinsky Nash equilibria and efficiency in routing games
Dov Joseph Rhodes 2011 Ehud Yariv Slender-body analysis of drop deformation by a strong electric field
Valeri Frumkin 2010 Alexander Nepomnyashchy Reaction front propagation in a thin film thermally coupled with a thick heat-conducting substrate
Eran Gal-Ed 2010 Rann Smorodinsky Public goods, egalitarian taxation and sequential mechanisms
Anna Rotman 2010 Amy Novick-Cohen Verification of the influence of surface energies on the effective mobility
Shaul Tayeb 2009 Dan Givoli Optimal reduction of dynamical subsystems in the pressence of Rayleigh damping

PHD Theses

Student’s Name Graduation Year Adviser/s Title
Yonathan Mizrachi 2017 Gershon Elber Subdivision based solvers: solutions with topological guarantee of algebraic constraints with applicationsacial convection in surfactant solutions
Vadim Derkach 2016 Amy Novick-Cohen Surface and grain boundary evolution in thin single- and poly-crystalline films
Valeri Frumkin 2016 Alexander Oron Nonlinear dynamics of bilayer fluid systems subjected to thermocapillarity
Yoav  Ofir 2017 Dan Givoli LowD-highD hybrid models in wave problems
Michael Assa 2014 Eitan Kimmel The frequency response of the cell membrane under ultrasound stimulation
Anna  Zigelman 2015 Amy Novick-Cohen Coupled grain boundary and exterior surface motion
Ory Schnitzer 2014 Ehud Yariv Nonlinear electrokinetic phenomena in the thin-double-layer limit
Tomer Baum 2013 Ehud Rivlin, Gadi Katzir Computational aspects of compound eye systems
Uri Itai 2014 Dan Givoli Absorbing boundary conditions for elastic waves
Mohammad Abu Hamed 2011 Ehud Yariv Electrokinetic flows about polarizable surfaces
Yuliya  Kanevsky 2009 Alexander Nepomnyashchy Feedback control of pattern-forming systems
Yana Nec 2009 Alexander Nepomnyashchy Pattern formation in systems with anomalous diffusion
Alexander  Brook 2009 Ron Kimmel Aspects of invariant shape processing