Potential Advisers

Picture of Amit, Roee

Amit, Roee

Associate Professor
email:  roeeamit@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-77-8871895
Address:  Emerson, room 829
Website:  roee-amit.technion.ac.il
The genome harbors additional codes. The genetic code was just the first one to be discovered. In order to decipher and decode the genome, we need to make a Biological Rosetta stone. Our research is dedicated to achieving this goal. Continue Reading Amit, Roee
Picture of Arad, Itai

Arad, Itai

Assistant Professor
email:  arad.itai@fastmail.com
Phone:  +972-4-829-3903
Address:  Lidow, room 310
Website:  phys.technion.ac.il/en/people/person/871
Quantum information, tensor networks, many-body physics, Quantum algorithms. Continue Reading Arad, Itai
Picture of Arieli, Itai

Arieli, Itai

Assistant Professor
email:  iarieli@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829- 4412
Address:  Bloomfield, room 502
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/cb-profile/iarieli.html
Game theory, Economic theory, Bayesian learning, evolutionary game theory Continue Reading Arieli, Itai
Picture of Babichenko, Yakov

Babichenko, Yakov

Assistant Professor
email:  yakovbab@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-2446
Address:  Bloomfield, room 307
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/people/userprofile/yakovbab.html
Game Theory, Learning and complexity of equilibria, Information in games: Information aggregation, Strategic communication of information. Continue Reading Babichenko, Yakov
Picture of Barequet, Gill

Barequet, Gill

email:  barequet@cs.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-3219
Address:  Taub, room 430
Website:  www.cs.technion.ac.il/~barequet/
Computational Geometry, Combinatorics (Polyominoes) Continue Reading Barequet, Gill
Picture of Ben-Chen, Miri

Ben-Chen, Miri

Associate Professor
email:  mirela@cs.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-3378
Address:  Taub, room 439
Website:  mirela.net.technion.ac.il/
Spatial computing, 3D geometry processing, Shape analysis and understanding, Geometric modeling and animation, Computational fabrication, Quad meshing, Applied conformal geometry, Computer Graphics Continue Reading Ben-Chen, Miri
Picture of Bobrowski, Omer

Bobrowski, Omer

Assistant Professor
email:  omer@ee.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-8295742
Address:  Meyer, room 1131
Website:  omer.net.technion.ac.il/
Random topology and its applications in data analysis and networks. Continue Reading Bobrowski, Omer
Picture of Brenner, Naama – Chair & program coordinator

Brenner, Naama – Chair & program coordinator

email:  nbrenner@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4829-3578
Address:  Fishbach, room 428
Website:  chemeng.technion.ac.il/naama-brenner/
Theoretical biophysics Cell populations, evolution, Adaptation, learning theory Continue Reading Brenner, Naama – Chair & program coordinator
Picture of Bunin, Guy

Bunin, Guy

email:  buning@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4829-3669
Address:  Lidow, room 327
Website:  phsites.technion.ac.il/bunin/contact/
Biophysics & Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics Continue Reading Bunin, Guy
Picture of Cohen, Izack

Cohen, Izack

Senior Lecturer
email:  izikc@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-54-2430505
Address:  Bloomfield, room 508
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/people/userprofile/izikc.html
Robust Optimization, Project Queueing Networks Continue Reading Cohen, Izack
Picture of Dori, Dov

Dori, Dov

email:  dori@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4409
Address:  Bloomfield, room 517
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/people/userprofile/dori.html
Conceptual modeling with Object-process Methodology:Graph algorithms, Reasoning, Cause-and-effect explaining Continue Reading Dori, Dov
Picture of Elad, Michael

Elad, Michael

email:  elad@cs.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4169
Address:  Taub, room 711
Website:  elad.cs.technion.ac.il/
Image Processing, Signal Processing, Inverse Problems, Sparse Representations Continue Reading Elad, Michael
Picture of Elber, Gershon

Elber, Gershon

email:  gershon@cs.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4338
Address:  Taub, room 429
Website:  cs.technion.ac.il/~gershon
Geometric Modeling, B-spline representations, Multivariate splines Continue Reading Elber, Gershon
Picture of Emek, Yuval

Emek, Yuval

Associate Professor
email:  yemek@ie.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4417
Address:  Bloomfield, room 309
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/cb-profile/yemek.html
Discrete algorithms for decision makers that cannot see the whole picture, e.g., because it is too big (the data stream model), too far (distributed computing), or not fully painted yet (online algorithms) Continue Reading Emek, Yuval
Picture of Fishbain, Barak

Fishbain, Barak

Assistant Professor
email:  fishbain@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-3177
Address:  Rabin, room 616
Website:  fishbain.net.technion.ac.il
Enviromatics, a new research field that aims at devising machine learning methods and mathematical models for better understanding built and natural complex environments. Continue Reading Fishbain, Barak
Picture of Freger, Viatcheslav (Slava)

Freger, Viatcheslav (Slava)

Associate Professor
email:  vfreger@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-2933
Address:  Chemical Engineering, room 350
Website:  freger-membrane.net.technion.ac.il
Membranes: fundamentals and technology. Polymer, electrolytes, particles and surfaces. Physics of membrane and near-membrane transport Continue Reading Freger, Viatcheslav (Slava)
Picture of Garber, Dan

Garber, Dan

Senior Lecturer
email:  dangar@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829- 4435
Address:  Bloomfield, room 406
Website:  dangar.net.technion.ac.il/
Algorithmic foundations of Machine Learning, Data Science, and Optimization Continue Reading Garber, Dan
Picture of Gat, Amir

Gat, Amir

Assistant Professor
email:  amirgat@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-77-8871957
Address:  Dan Kahn, room 409
Website:  gat.net.technion.ac.il/
Picture of Gavish, Nir

Gavish, Nir

Associate Professor
email:  ngavish@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4181
Address:  Amado, room 923
Website:  ngavish.net.technion.ac.il/
Physical Chemistry, Electrolyte solutions, Ion channels Continue Reading Gavish, Nir
Picture of Givoli, Dan

Givoli, Dan

email:  givolid@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-3814
Address:  Lady Davis, room 739
Website:  aerospace.technion.ac.il/person/givoli-dan/
Computational methods for wave problems. Computational methods for inverse problems. Computational methods for nonlinear solid mechanics & structural dynamics. Non-standard finite element methods. Hybrid methods combining analytic and numerical solutions. Continue Reading Givoli, Dan
Picture of Gottlieb, Oded

Gottlieb, Oded

email:  oded@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4- 829-3158
Address:  Dan Kahn, room 226
Website:  chaos.net.technion.ac.il/
Chaotic dynamical systems Continue Reading Gottlieb, Oded
Picture of Indelman, Vadim

Indelman, Vadim

Assistant Professor
email:  vadim.indelman@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-3815
Address:  Lady Davis, room 738
Website:  aerospace.technion.ac.il/person/vadim-indelman/
Probabilistic inference and decision making under uncertainty, typically considering a partially observable setting and high dimensional state spaces in the context of robotics and autonomous systems. Continue Reading Indelman, Vadim
Picture of Ioffe, Dmitry

Ioffe, Dmitry

Assistant Professor
email:  ieioffe@ie.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4413
Address:  Bloomfield, room 305
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/people/userprofile/dmitry.ioffe.html
Probability, Random fields and stochastic processes, Statistical physics and interacting particle systems. Continue Reading Ioffe, Dmitry
Picture of Iosilevskii, Gil

Iosilevskii, Gil

email:  igil@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-3420
Address:  Lady Davis, room 208
Website:  aerospace.technion.ac.il/person/iosilevskii-gil/
Theoretical aero- and hydro-dynamics. Flying and swimming in nature. Continue Reading Iosilevskii, Gil
Picture of Jabareen, Mahmood

Jabareen, Mahmood

Assistant Professor
email:  cvjmah@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4829-3040
Website:  cee.technion.ac.il/members/mahmood-jabareen/
Picture of Kaminer, Ido

Kaminer, Ido

Assistant Professor
email:  kaminer@technion.ac.il
Address:  Meyer, room
Website:  kaminer.technion.ac.il/
Machine learning of mathematical and physical constants, Electromagnetic theory and modeling, pen problems in electrodynamics, Applications of quantum, Electrodynamics, and renormalization challenges,Concepts from topology applied in physics. Continue Reading Kaminer, Ido
Picture of Kaplan, Noam

Kaplan, Noam

Assistant Professor
email:  noam.kaplan@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-8295293
Website:  kaplanlab.technion.ac.il
3D genome organization, Modelling molecular processes and genomic data, Machine learning & probabilistic models,Biological data analysis Continue Reading Kaplan, Noam
Picture of Kimmel, Eitan

Kimmel, Eitan

Associate Professor
email:  eitan@bm.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4829-3857
Address:  Silver, room 267
Website:  biomed.faculty-ms.technion.ac.il/members/eitan-kimmel/
Bio-heat and bio-mass transport. Cell and tissue mechanics. Nano-acoustics medicine: ultrasound and opto-acoustics in medicine and biology as determined by intracellular, intra-membrane cavitation and bubble dynamics. Acoustic neuromodulation. Biomechanics of trauma and decompression. Acoustics of the inner ear Continue Reading Kimmel, Eitan
Picture of Kimmel, Ron

Kimmel, Ron

email:  ron@cs.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4616
Address:  Taub, room 439
Website:  www.cs.technion.ac.il/~ron/
Shape reconstruction and analysis, applied differential and metric geometry, image processing, analysis, and synthesis, manifold learning, deep learning and understanding, biometrics, robot vision, and modeling of physical and artificial structures and forms. Continue Reading Kimmel, Ron
Picture of Lavi, Ron

Lavi, Ron

Associate Professor
email:  ronlavi@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4410
Address:  Bloomfield, room 302
Website:  ronlavi.net.technion.ac.il/
Algorithmic Game Theory, Electronic Commerce, Social Networks Internet Auctions Continue Reading Lavi, Ron
Picture of Leshansky, Alex

Leshansky, Alex

Associate Professor
email:  lisha@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-3502
Address:  Chemical Engineering, room 360
Website:  chemeng.technion.ac.il/alexander-leshansky-2/
Physico-chemical hydrodynamics, interfacial and particulate flows, small scale propulsion, microfluidics Continue Reading Leshansky, Alex
Picture of Levin, Asaf

Levin, Asaf

Associate Professor
email:  levinas@ie.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829- 4507
Address:  Bloomfield, room 316
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/cb-profile/levinas.html
Combinatorial optimization problems, worst case analysis of algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems Continue Reading Levin, Asaf
Picture of Levy, Kfir

Levy, Kfir

Assistant Professor
email:  kfirylevy@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-77-8871895
Address:  Fishbach, room 459
Website:  kfiryehud.wixsite.com/kfir-y-levy
Machine Learning and Stochastic Optimization Continue Reading Levy, Kfir
Picture of Mandel-Gutfreund, Yael

Mandel-Gutfreund, Yael

email:  yaelmg@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-8294258
Address:  Emerson, room 4-6
Website:  yaelab.technion.ac.il/contact.html
Computational Molecular Biology, Systems biology, machine learning, Biological Networks, Stem cells, single cell RNA-sequencing Continue Reading Mandel-Gutfreund, Yael
Picture of Manela, Avshalom

Manela, Avshalom

Assistant Professor
email:  amanela@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-2237
Address:  Lady Davis, room 750
Website:  aerospace.technion.ac.il/person/manela-avshalom/
Aeroacoustics: vibro-acoustics, vortex sound, Fluid-structure interactions, Rarefied and small-scale gas dynamics, Hydrodynamic stability Continue Reading Manela, Avshalom
Picture of Manor, Ofer

Manor, Ofer

Assistant Professor
email:  manoro@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-77-887-1734
Address:  Chemical Engineering, room 370
Website:  chemeng.technion.ac.il/ofer-manor/
Colloid Physics, Pattern Deposition, Stability and Coagulation in Suspensions and Emulsions, Dynamics and Transport Phenomena in Liquid Films Continue Reading Manor, Ofer
Picture of Marom, Shimon

Marom, Shimon

email:  marom@technion.ac.il
Phone:  972-4-829-5752
Address:  Fishbach, room 434
Website:  marom.net.technion.ac.il
Electrical phenomena in point and extended biological systems; low-dimensional models of excitability. Continue Reading Marom, Shimon
Picture of Merhav, Neri

Merhav, Neri

email:  merhav@ee.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4 -829-4737
Address:  Meyer, room 670
Website:  webee.technion.ac.il/people/merhav/
Information theory and coded communication, including related fields such as signal processing and mechanical statistics Continue Reading Merhav, Neri
Picture of Moiseyev, Nimrod

Moiseyev, Nimrod

Professor Emeritus
email:  nimrod@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-8293977
Address:  Chemistry, room 422
Website:  nhqm.net.technion.ac.il/
Resonance phenomena, Nonhermitian quantum mechanics, Laser induced dynamics of atomic, molecular, optical and mesoscopic systems, Cold molecular collisions. Continue Reading Moiseyev, Nimrod
Picture of Nepomnyashchy, Alexander

Nepomnyashchy, Alexander

email:  nepom@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4170
Address:  Amado, room 926
Website:  www.math.technion.ac.il/Site/computing/services/faculty.php?id=710&publications
Instabilities and pattern formation, Anomalous transport Continue Reading Nepomnyashchy, Alexander
Picture of Novick-Cohen, Amy

Novick-Cohen, Amy

email:  amync@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-8294098
Address:  Amado, room 931
Website:  www2.math.technion.ac.il/~amync/
Phase transitions, wetting, grain boundary migration, Higher order parabolic equations, Surface diffusion Continue Reading Novick-Cohen, Amy
Picture of Peskin, Uri

Peskin, Uri

email:  uri@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-2137
Address:  Chemistry, room 454
Website:  chemistry.technion.ac.il/members/uri-peskin/
Quantum Dynamics, Quantum transport Continue Reading Peskin, Uri
Picture of Rahav, Saar

Rahav, Saar

Assistant Professor
email:  rahavs@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-2017
Address:  Chemistry, room 419
Website:  noneqgroup.net.technion.ac.il/
Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, molecular machines, rare events and fluctuations, thermodynamics of information. Continue Reading Rahav, Saar
Picture of Ramez Daniel

Ramez Daniel

Assistant Professor
email:  ramizda@bm.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-8291546
Address:  Emerson, room 720
Website:  biomed.faculty-ms.technion.ac.il/members/ramez-daniel/
Applying engineering to biology: Principles of genetic circuit design and synthetic biology. Continue Reading Ramez Daniel
Picture of Reichart, Roi

Reichart, Roi

Assistant Professor
email:  roiri@technion.ac.il
Address:  Bloomfield, room 313
Website:  ie.technion.ac.il/~roiri
Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning. Continue Reading Reichart, Roi
Picture of Roth, Ronny

Roth, Ronny

email:  ronny@cs.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4291
Address:  Taub, room 637
Website:  cs.technion.ac.il/~ronny
Error correcting codes, Coding for storage systems, Application of coding theory to complexity, Information theory Continue Reading Roth, Ronny
Picture of Rubinstein, Koby

Rubinstein, Koby

email:  koby@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4096
Address:  Amado, room 924
Website:  www2.math.technion.ac.il/~koby/
Mathematical problems in Medicine Continue Reading Rubinstein, Koby
Picture of Sabach, Shoham

Sabach, Shoham

Assistant Professor
email:  ssabach@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4442
Address:  Bloomfield, room 407
Website:  ssabach.net.technion.ac.il
Continuous Optimization, Theory and Algorithms,  Methods for large-scale optimization problems, Applications in Engineering and Science. Continue Reading Sabach, Shoham
Picture of Savir, Yoni

Savir, Yoni

Assistant Professor
email:  yoni.savir@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972 -4 8295391
Address:  Rappaport, room
Website:  savir.net.technion.ac.il
At the Savir lab, our goal is to study, both experimentally and theoretically, Information processing in biological systems and its failure in aged cells Continue Reading Savir, Yoni
Picture of Shalit, Uri

Shalit, Uri

Assistant Professor
email:  urishalit@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4440
Address:  Bloomfield, room 410
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/people/userprofile/urishalit.html
Causality and causal inference, Machine learning and its applications in healthcare Continue Reading Shalit, Uri
Picture of Shemesh, Tom

Shemesh, Tom

Assistant Professor
email:  tomsh@technion.ac.il
Phone:  077-8871698
Address:  Emerson, room 3-5
Website:  shemeshlab.net.technion.ac.il/
Theoretical modeling of bio-mechanical systems: Morphology of membrane organelles, Cell motility, mechanical forces in the cytoskeleton Continue Reading Shemesh, Tom
Picture of Shmuel, Gal

Shmuel, Gal

Assistant Professor
email:  meshmuel@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-778871613
Address:  Dan Kahn, room 403
Website:  solidmech.net.technion.ac.il
mathematical modeling of metamaterials, Homogenization of partial differential equations for composite materials Continue Reading Shmuel, Gal
Picture of Shtern, Shimrit

Shtern, Shimrit

Assistant Professor
email:  shimrits@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4437
Address:  Bloomfield, room 409
Website:  shimrits.net.technion.ac.il
Optimization under uncertainty, data-driven optimization, large-scale optimization. Continue Reading Shtern, Shimrit
Picture of Smorodinsky, Rann

Smorodinsky, Rann

Associate Professor
email:  rann@ie.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829 4422
Address:  Bloomfield, room 315
Website:  web.iem.technion.ac.il/en/people/userprofile/rann.html
Game theory, Mechanism design Continue Reading Smorodinsky, Rann
Picture of Soudry, Daniel

Soudry, Daniel

Assistant Professor
email:  daniel.soudry@technion.ac.il
Address:  Fishbach, room 435
Website:  sites.google.com/site/danielsoudry/home
Theoretical investigation of learning capabilities in neural networks. Continue Reading Soudry, Daniel
Picture of Starosvetsky, Yuli

Starosvetsky, Yuli

Associate Professor
email:  staryuli@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-77-8871916
Address:  Dan Kahn, room 419
Website:  meeng.technion.ac.il/members/yuli-starosvetsky
Nonlinear dynamics and vibrations, bifurcations and nonlinear waves. Regular and stochastic dynamics of granular media. Development of passive nonlinear strategies for localization. Wave propagation in multi-layered composite systems, with repetitive structures, ordered/disordered structural defects and discontinuities. Continue Reading Starosvetsky, Yuli
Picture of Stern, Shay

Stern, Shay

Assistant Professor
email:  sstern@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-77-8871223
Address:  Emerson, room 22
Website:  www.ssternlab.com
The basis of behavioral individuality; regulation of long-term behavior across development Continue Reading Stern, Shay
Picture of Tal, Ayellet

Tal, Ayellet

Associate Professor
email:  ayellet@ee.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972 -4- 829-5757
Address:  Meyer, room 905
Website:  webee.technion.ac.il/Sites/People/ayellet/
Computer graphics, with an emphasis on geometric aspects of graphics, and deep learning for computer graphics Continue Reading Tal, Ayellet
Picture of Talgam-Cohen, Inbal

Talgam-Cohen, Inbal

Senior Lecturer
email:  inbaltalgam@gmail.com
Address:  Taub, room
Website:  www.cs.huji.ac.il/~italgam/
Algorithmic game theory Continue Reading Talgam-Cohen, Inbal
Picture of Talmon, Ronen

Talmon, Ronen

Assistant Professor
email:  ronen@ee.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4750
Address:  Meyer, room 508
Website:  ronen.net.technion.ac.il/
Signal processing, with an emphasis on geometric methods and manifold learning. Continue Reading Talmon, Ronen
Picture of Yaakobi, Eitan

Yaakobi, Eitan

Assistant Professor
email:  yaakobi@cs.technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-4952
Address:  Taub, room 638
Website:  yaakobi.net.technion.ac.il/
Coding and Information Theory, Non-volatile Memories, Storage Systems, Private Information Retrieval, DNA Storage Continue Reading Yaakobi, Eitan
Picture of Yariv, Ehud

Yariv, Ehud

Associate Professor
email:  udi@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-2162
Address:  Amado, room 729
Website:  ehudyariv.science/
Picture of Zeisel, Amit

Zeisel, Amit

Assistant Professor
email:  amit.zeisel@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-77-887-1335
Address:  Emerson, room 829
Website:  zeisellab.org/
Molecular neuroscience, Systems biology, Analysis of big data, Brain connectomics. Continue Reading Zeisel, Amit
Picture of Zelazo, Daniel

Zelazo, Daniel

Assistant Professor
email:  dzelazo@technion.ac.il
Phone:  +972-4-829-3196
Address:  Lady Davis, room 755
Website:  aerospace.technion.ac.il/person/zelazo-daniel/
Duality in optimization theory as a tool to analyze and design cooperative control systems Dynamic systems, passivity and dissipasivity theory for cooperative control Dynamic systems evolving over Graphs: interplay between graph theory and control theory Continue Reading Zelazo, Daniel