MSc program


To be considered for the Applied Math program graduate studies, candidates must have a minimum average score of 87 in their undergraduate studies, which includes the mandatory courses of the applied undergraduate mathematics track ( or equivalent courses.

Candidates whose average score falls between 84-87 may still submit their candidacy for consideration by the committee for the Applied Math program graduate studies.

In some cases, students who have not completed the mandatory courses may be accepted as “A student in the process of completion.”

Study requirements

The curriculum includes a number of basic courses and additional courses (listed below) depending on the thesis subject.

A student holding a three-year bachelor’s must complete 34 study points, 20 thesis points, and 2 points in an English course.
A student holding a four-year bachelor’s must complete 18 study points, 20 thesis points, and 2 points in an English course.

The curriculum of each graduate student is determined by the adviser and the Graduate Studies Committee.

All students are required to find an adviser and submit a research proposal within six months from the beginning of their studies.

At the research project track, instead of a thesis, a student must take an additional eight study points. 

The courses must be taken during the master’s degree: 

1.  198014 – Selected topics in Applied Mathematics 5

2.  198000 – Asymptotic Methods 

3.  196013 – Numerical analysis 

4.   One course in the field of probability and statistics:

106349 – Advanced probability

096310 – Applied stochastic processes

046201 – Introduction to random signal work

096425 – Time series and forecasting

The list of graduates courses  can be seen at the following link: graduates courses

Ph.D. program

Doctoral students are assigned a study program consisting of at least 10 credit points and are required a final research thesis. 

Prospective Advisor – please contact an advisor before applying.

Transcripts and Diplomas – A certified and official transcript and diplomas or confirmations of eligibility, including the GPA translated officially to English or Hebrew should be submitted. Applicants who have not yet graduated can send their current transcript. Candidates who have completed their studies at Technion do not need to send these documents.

Recommendations – All applicants must submit two academic recommendations, one of them from the Master thesis advisor.

Ranking – Candidates from other institutions (not the Technion) should submit their relative rank class rank, if available.

The principal study requirement is the completion of a research thesis supervised by a faculty member in addition to 10 credit points.

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