Scholarships And Prizes


Scholarships are granted to Graduate students meeting academic criteria and staying at the Technion, dedicating their time to studies and research work.

In the “no thesis” track there are no scholarships (except for soldiers in mandatory service).

  • Awarding the scholarship is intended to enable students to dedicate time for research and to assist in assuring completion of the degree requirements within the time frame of the scholarship. Once the scholarship has been approved (by the Graduate School scholarship office) the scholarship recipient will receive a letter “Essential information for planning course of study and research” which will be specified the academic “milestones” and other details pertaining to the student’s studies including date of thesis submission to the graduate school. This date will appear on the transcript as well as in every scholarship letter that will be sent to the student during her/his studies.
  • The scholarships at Technion are awarded in monthly portions. A student may receive 1-6 scholarship portions in a given month. The number of scholarship portions is determined by the academic unit. The amount of the scholarship portions is determined in accordance with the type of degree and research stage of studies.
  • Payment of the monthly scholarship is at the beginning of the following month, i.e. The scholarship for October is paid on November 1st.
The value for a monthly scholarship portion as of October 2019
MSc before research topic 940
MSc after research topic 1,006
Ph.D. before candidacy exam 1,198
Ph.D. after candidacy exam 1,301

* The scholarship amounts are periodically updated

  • Non-thesis tracks do not award scholarships (Tuition scholarship is available for soldiers / national service, who may request a tuition scholarship.
  • The Technion encourages its graduate students, in addition to their obligations as students, to take an active part in teaching undergraduate students, mainly in the framework as TA’s, lab instructors, and project guidance. A salary will be paid for such duties. In order not to hinder the studies and the progress of research, the scope of instruction is limited by the Dean of the Graduate school. Please see the section relating to the Guidelines for presence at Technion and work while receiving a scholarship.


Awards and scholarships granted by the Graduate School

Each year the Program recommends outstanding graduate students as candidates for internal Technion as well as external prizes and scholarships.